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What Real Patriots Wear


The old expression says it well, a picture is indeed worth a thousand words and with this in mind we have posted lots of pictures on the site which we hope you'll agree supports our opinion, that our shirts look good.

But much more importantly they feel good. Now that may sound like some meaningless advertising BS, but actually to us it's quite meaningful. Unlike other shirts some wear that feature sports teams, restaurant or bars, celebrities or even a communist thug in the case of Che; our shirts are made for those who didn't sit on a seat at a stadium, in front of a TV or on a bar stool, but rather for those who sacrificed a part of their lives in service to their country and the protection of it's citizens.

So when we say our shirts feel good, we mean that you should feel a great amount of feel-good pride in knowing that you did what very few people in our country have done and that's serve in our armed forces. To illustrate how significant that is, less than 7 percent of our population alive today has ever served and probable that percentage will be under 5 percent in a very few years. In addition It's interesting to note, that currently, only 0.4 percent of our population is a member of any of our armed services and that number has also been dwindling.

And let’s not forget what most have, our Cold War vets who over 46 years protected and prevented not only the U.S. but the free world from being attacked and if not totally obliterated at the very least severely damaged. These, what I like to call " Cold War Warriors" were there for us night and day watching to make sure ever threat to the free world was not only detected, countered and the attackers and their country of origin annihilated. These dedicated individuals from each of our services make up less than 2 percent of our population. In the words of a dearly departed friend of mine "It was a dirty job but somebody had to do it&quot. And it really was a job well done because collectively less than 1.7 percent of our population saved the entire free world. 

Now while the points I mentioned above are important, they are secondary to the reason why you should buy and wear our shirts. It is the major reason why we decided to design these and that's simply put it's the patriotic thing to do. After my time in the Air Force, I was a marketing manager for a Fortune 100 country for a good many years. Because we were restricted from using radio or TV to advertise our products we distributed thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of t-shirts to help gain attention and promote our products. So I learned the value of this form of advertising and how effective it was because our products led the industry.

Now let's face it we've got a problem in our country, one that appears to be growing larger every day. Anti-American sentiment is getting bigger and patriotism is dwindling. In fact it doesn't take much of a media critic to recognize that hate America is at epic proportions on most of the main street electronic and print outlets. One way to counter this is for patriotic Americans to start demonstrating their patriotism and one way is to first and foremost boycott any company or individual that does not respect the patriots in our society and secondly to wear one of our shirts.

I wear a different one everyday (I've got a good selection which you will see in the following pages) and have found that it's a rare day that somebody doesn't say to me "I like your shirt" or "Thanks for your service". In fact one of the other things I've noticed, is that you can actually see people noticing your shirt because if you watch their eye's as you pass them, you can see that they are reading what's on the shirt so their is no doubt that the message that these shirts are sending is being received.

The above said which  I think you'll agree it is all good but there is another thing I believe is also very important and that wearing our shirts also brings attention to and show's support for those currently on active duty. Not only does your wearing one bring to mind your own personal contribution but also calls to mind our present armed forces members and the sacrifices they are making. In effect, its your personal endorsement of them. And what better message is there than something that says you did the same thing, you know what it's like and you are showing your appreciation for what their doing for us.

Funny thing, as I write this I've got the Westerns Channel on in the background with an episode of Cheyenne Bodie on and to make a long story short, one line quite co-incidentally just caught my attention. Clint Walker is talking to a horse soldier in a fort in the west and he says "A soldier needs a hero, someone to look up to". To some degree all of those who served can help fill that need.

To me that's most important because to be honest, I think a very high percentage of our youth has been brainwashed into becoming anti-military and this while it may not be the total answer to restoring respect and recognition for our service members, showing your pride should certainly help.