This website is intended to be a repository of information, photos and videos for those who were employees of Joseph E Seagram and Son’s. It contains materials that is most likely within the public domain and which is freely available to anyone who might have an interest in it.

While the site does not contains any inappropriate or controversial materials, it does contain videos of numerous people who may or may not appreciate having them published on the internet for all to see. While I don’t believe there is any who would object to this, it is prudent to insure everyone’s privacy is respected therefore were are restricting access to videos to this “private” material to only those who were also employees of JES.

So if you were an employee of JES and would like access to the password protected material please send a email stating your name and previous position to and we will send you a password. Also you may message us on Facebook at seagramamericas where we will also try to post notifications when new material has been uploaded to this site.

We have almost a 40 year collection of various “memorabilia” and it will take a good while before it can be digitized, in some cases converted and uploaded, so you might want to check FB every so often to see if there is any new postings available on this site. We also have a site at that you might want to checkout which might give you an idea of the type of material we will be posting.

One last thing. if you have any material you will like to have included, please either post it on the Facebook address or email it to us.